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Turning Point

Turning Point

Selected Messages of the Universal House of Justice and Supplementary

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“Beginning with the Four Year Plan in 1996, the Universal House of Justice set a new course in the teaching work for individuals, communities, and institutions. “The next four years,” the Supreme Body wrote, “will represent an extraordinary period in the history of our Faith, a turning point of epochal magnitude.” So potent were the implications of that Plan, that its single aim of advancing the process of entry by troops was carried forward into a series of plans, to span twenty-five years until the end the first century of the Formative Age in 2021.

This book contains selected messages from the Universal House of Justice and other documents that guided the learning process of the Bahá’í world over the course of a decade, from 1996-2006, resulting in profound changes in consciousness and systematic action. By the end of this period, the House of Justice concluded, “The elements required for a concerted effort to infuse the diverse regions of the world with the spirit of Bahá’u’lláh’s Revelation have crystallized into a framework for action that now needs only to be exploited.”

The book is divided into three parts. Part I includes forty messages from the Universal House of Justice, from December 26, 1995 to Ridván 2006. Part II involves an exploration of particular themes, such as “Learning in Action,” “Learning to Maintain Focus,” and “Learning to Administer Growth,” that includes copious extracts from messages written on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to individuals and National Assemblies. Part III contains a number of supporting documents from this period which were approved by the House of Justice or prepared by the International Teaching Centre, such as “Training Institutes” and “Building Momentum.” This volume serves as a significant resource, tracing the evolution of thought over this important period and outlining the essential concepts that guide current activities for expansion and consolidation in clusters worldwide. Through continued study and reflection on these and other materials, Bahá’ís will gain a clearer vision of the “methodological pattern of functioning” and the culture of learning that has come to characterize the efforts of Bahá’í individuals, institutions, and communities."

Author: Universal House of Justice

6" x 9", 448 pages

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